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Project start
Design of the forms
Materials development
Interface with excellent Swiss
watch movements manufactures
Born a suspension concept


Partnership with Danitrial in off-road motor race
Development of suspension project
Movement test

Material test
Structural stress: carbon fiber – magnesium – Ergal · titanium
Development of treatments and painting process
Working phase development
CNC machining
Manual processing
Laser process
Carbon fiber processing
One-to-one protocol creation – exclusive RO-NI process
Handmade pieces with total human control
perfect tolerance in combining parts – piece for piece
Born RS System – first RO-NI suspension system
Carbon fiber anti-vibration system (patent deposited)
Prototyping phases
Process prototyping
Production test
Component prototyping

Born RS1 System
Press-flexion carbon fiber anti-vibration system (patent deposited)
Carbon fiber cutting process development
Development working process for tmp (code name) material
Ultralight material and stability in all temperatures
Complete watches series (all in private collections):
RACE: chrono m-s-h-flyback date
RAPIDE: chrono m-s-flyback power reserve indicator date
PURE: chrono m-s-flyback-GMT-date at 6 o’clock – rose gold
ADVENTURE: chrono m-s-h – gmt – date
WHITE SOUL: moon phase – date – rose gold
ATLANTIS: grandate-diver
Race partnership with Danitrial:
Italian Trials Championship
European Trials Championship
World Trials Championship
Watches in use for hard test in race: RACE – ADVENTURE
R1 system by RO-NI
Carbon fiber vibration absorber for back bridges
All-in-one dial by RO-NI
Complete production of the finished dial without moving the piece – perfection of centering
Start of new project
Handling watch system project – three degrees of freedom
Start RO-NI R-T-1 project – the hyperwatch
A new project that combines all the technological developments made by RO-NI
Creation of special screws by RO-NI

New watches series:
RACE: chrono h-m-s high-performance with RS1 + R1
ATLANTIS: grandate diver high-performance with RS1 + R1 RAINBOW WHITE ONE:skeleton with RS1
TEMPESTA: skeleton ultralight 42 g with RS1
Complete handling of watch system project
Handling R: Handling Revolution watches (patent deposited)
New concept of two cases in oscillating space + RS System
Test Handling R
BORN RO-NI R-T-1: the hyperwatch
Handling Revolution – Handling R – (two patents deposited) – 36 g weight (complete with strap)
Tourbillon with 0 sec* retard in 24 hrs.
Titanium minimal bridges
Carbon fiber handmade by RO-NI
All tailor-made parts
One-to-one production protocol
Hand built
Test RO-NI R-T-1 in all conditions
Development of a special watchcase
Carbon fiber and localized Kevlar – exclusive race product
Available only on special request
Development of a new process for RO-NI materials
Test of hand painting on carbon fiber inside case

Tailor-made component production for RO-NI R-T-1 clients
Start of a new project: R-T-R (code name)
Research for new limits of RO-NI hyperwatches
Project for handling evolution concept (reserved)
Development of new straps
Perfection of one-to-one production process
Complete test on new materials
All materials are made in an exclusive product process by RO-NI
Carbon fiber HD
Carbon fiber – wood
Carbon fiber + absorber R
Carbon fiber with calibrated sintering graphene
Carbon fiber – Kevlar
Start project for an innovative strap
Test material for hand painting on carbon fiber outside case

Working test on new materials
Atlantis and Race models being developed and refined
Development project RO-NI R-T-R (reserved)
Complete project for innovative strap
Expanding strap in titanium and carbon fiber (patent deposited)
Partnership with go4racing SA
Europe and Middle East car championship

Head of sale international
Matteo Lualdi
phone: +41 79 913 30 41
mail: info@ro-ni.ch
Via dal Bagn 49, CH - 7500 St. Moritz
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